Improvisation Workshop!

The Layer 8 Conference is partnering with the Providence Improv Guild (yes, they do go by P.I.G.) to put on a 2 hour improv workshop. The workshop will be the day of the conference (Saturday, June 8th), at the conference site, from 8 am to 10 am. This means you will not miss any of the talks at the conference! There is an extra fee of $40 for this workshop, and is not included in the conference admission.

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Most will agree that when performing social engineering, there can be a degree of improvisation that happens. When faced with a receptionist at the front desk, how are you going to talk your way into the building? If someone in a hallway asks “Do I know you?” how quickly can you come up with an answer that makes sense, and won’t set off any alerts in the person’s head? When you make vishing calls, and someone wants to validate who you are, can you get around that with small talk? If you saw the social engineering CTFs at Defcon and Derbycon, you see a lot of improvisation happening on the spot. The social engineers don’t know who they will be talking to or what they’ll be asked. It’s all made up on the spot! At this workshop, you can begin to work on these skills. While P.I.G. doesn’t normally focus on social engineering, we’ll give them some basis on what we do and try to angle the workshop around these needed skills. We hope you enjoy this new addition to the Layer 8 Conference!