Our list of confirmed speakers and their presentation titles for 2020. An actual schedule will be posted within a few days.

Zeshan Aziz – Using OSINT and NLP to Track Jihadists in Conflict Zones

Rae Baker – OSINT on the Ocean: Maritime Intelligence Gathering

Allie Barnes – Naked & Unafraid: The Basics of Securing Your Nudes

Rachel Bleiman & Wilson Diaz – Undergraduate Student Experiences in Social Engineering

Lauren Brennan – Disappearing Act: Can You Avoid Public Surveillance Cameras?

Cassandra Brunetto & Katelyn Bowden – Using OSINT to Catch an Online Predator

Marina Ciavatta & Steve Laura – Social Engineering Story Time Panel

Alethe Denis – Phishy Little Liars – Pretexts that Kill

Joe Gray – Social Engineering Your Metrics: Using Data Science to Provide Value in Reporting

Tom Harrison – The Adventure Hacker’s Toolbox

Micah Hoffman – Git’ing Users for OSINT: Analysis of All GitHub Users

Chris Kirsch – Using OSINT for Competitive Intelligence

Erich Kron – Lies, Deception and Manipulation: Let’s Talk About Deepfakes

Krittika Lalwaney – What do Elizabeth Holmes and Oprah Winfrey Have in Common? 4 Effective Ways to Build Instant Rapport

Shane McCombs – The Innocent Lives Foundation – A practical application of OSINT in a dark world

Matt McMahon – Bring Out Your Data: Digital Graverobbing in the 21st Century

Allie Mellen – Trust, but Verify: Maintaining Democracy In Spite
of Информационные контрмеры

Cat Murdock – Red Teaming: Complicated Decision-Making in Work & Life

Inês Narciso – OSINT’s Role in Tackling Disinformation in the Portuguese Elections

Emma Peel & Jeff Moore – A Hacker’s Guide to Self Ex-filtration

Joseph Sarkisian – JUST JUMP! Lessons for WannaBe Social Engineers by a WannaBe Social Engineer

Zoey Selman – The Misconceptions Of Open Source Intelligence

Michele Stuart – Using OSINT for Tactical Investigations and
Threat Identification

Maureen Gibbons Varela – Painting a portrait of an individual with OSINT

Gabriel Whalen – Working with Legacy Systems in Security: Humans

Ernesto Zaldivar – How highly secure organizations approach social engineering awareness training