The Layer 8 Podcast

We had more than 30 episodes in Season 1 and will have more than that in Season 2! You can download and listen on or find them on your favorite podcast distributor such as:

Season 2 Guests:

MangoPDF, Shelby Dacko, Joshua Richards, InĂªs Narciso, Billy Boatright, Vache Manoukian, Tigran Terpandjian, Jenny Radcliffe, Hakeem Thomas, Leon Johnson, Shane Young, Edward Miro, Benjamin Strick, Jon Nichols, John Kirbow, Zlata Pavlova, Ryan MacDougall, Curt Klump, Deviant Ollam, Phillip Wylie, BOsint Blanc, Stefanie LaHart, Ragnhild Sageng, TinkerSec, Levitannin, Lee Anderson, Richard Davy, Chris Kirsch, Michele Stuart, Prof. Aunshul Rege, Katorah Williams, Rachel Bleiman, Siobhan Kelleher, Twig, Crystal Wilson, Maxie Reynolds

Season 1 Guests:
In our first season, we were honored to talk with Trevor O’Donnal, Katelyn Bowden, Steve Laura, Matthias Wilson, Robby Stewart, Deveeshree Nayak, Rae Baker, Marina Ciavatta, Kirby Plessas, Keith Cox, Alethe Denis, Dutch OSINTGuy, Cat Murdock, Julie Clegg, Snow, TinkerSec, Christina Lekati, Jayson Street, Ritu Gill, Adam Compton, Amanda Berlin, Francesco Poldi, Jason Edison, Tracy Z. Maleeff, Krittika Lalwaney, Josh Huff, Brent White, Tim Roberts, Joe Gray, Marina Ciavatta, David Boyd, Paul Koblitz, Scot Berner and Jason Lang, Aaron Herndon, Leon Johnson, and Jonathan Stines.

Tips for Podcast Guests
Let’s connect! Let us know you have a great story! What we are looking for is your one great story about a social engineering engagement or an OSINT investigation. This will not be an interview, no visual aids, it’ll be just you telling your story. We’re looking for the most possible detail you can provide. Make your story engaging, interesting, and include humor if you can. It’s not intended to be a “how-to” or the type of presentation you might give at a conference. Imagine you’re sitting around with friends and they don’t really understand what you do. After multiple times trying to explain it, one just asks for an example. So you think of a great story with all its ups, downs, successes and failures and intricate detail and then make their jaws drop, let them laugh or even shed a tear along with your story, and it all starts out with “Ok, so there was this one time when I…”

The amount of time is up to you. This will be audio only, no video. We’ll do the recording remotely, get some information to include in the introduction about you, and you can also preview the episode before it’s released if you choose to. If you make a mistake during the recording, no worries! It can be edited later, we can fix it. Typical release time is 4-6 weeks from the recording date to handle production and to keep a consistent release schedule.

Got questions or want to be on? Contact